Welcome to                          HASHPUGS

Welcome To Hashpugs!

HashPugs is an NFT project designed to be embedded into the Hedera Hashgraph Network. We chose the Hedera network because we are confident that it will bring us together with our project in the future.
The HashPugsNFT began as a lush vision and is now quickly becoming a reality. The initiative began with merely an idea that drew together a small but motivated group of people. The project is currently in the hands of a diligent and passionate young man with adventurous project plans!

The quality of our NFTs is something that the team guarantees; everything will be handcrafted with expertise and love. We are never a fan of automated shortcuts. We draw and design our pugs Piece by piece.It can be frustrating at times, but it displays the effort we undertake to preserve and enhance the value of our art. NFTs are more than simply a selling factor for us; they’re masterpieces that can be treasured for years and still be enjoyed for their beauty and craftsmanship. 

About and rarity guide

The much anticipated guide is finally here! Let me tell me what you are going to find in this
pack Ol rarity guide! This is the official Rarity Guide for Pack 1! The rarity simply indicates
where your pugs rank on the uniqueness scale. The highest possible level of rarity is Extremely Rare, since not the
pugs have been released some of them will look new. We hope you utilise the guide to its fullest, (It’s difficult to put the
perfect rarity on some of the pugs because they’re all so distinct from one another.
(Some pugs may be more valuable because they signify something popular)

Your Experience Gets Better And Better Over Time.


✅🦴"Bidding of The Golden Pug'

-Golden Pug holder (GPH) will have a complete set of all the upcoming themed pugs drop for free and also has the option to purchase another set
-GPH will have the privilege to handpick 3 pugs from future drops.
-GPH will be entitled for a 20% discount
-GPH will have a free customized pug of his/her choice made specially by HashPugsNFT
-GPH will always be the first one to buy upcom



-“Very Important Pug” Holders will have the privilege to handpick 1 pug from future drops.
-VIP’s are entitled to a 20% discount on all drops
-VIP’s will get 1 free themed pug for the upcoming themed pugs drop.
-VIP’s will be prioritized for every drop next to the Golden Pug Holder


🦴Anime-themed pugs (200 hbar each) 40/40

-Naruto, Luffy, Goku, Goju Satoru and Levi


🦴Avenger themed pugs

-5 designs 40/40
-Designs TBA
-available on the 1st week of December


🦴Pack no.1 drop (Price to be set around 400 hbar)

-Total of 400 quality pugs with unique traits, outfits and different genders available for the members on the whitelist.
-Pack no.1 will be available on the 3rd week of December.


🦴Drop of 'Hashpugs: The Origns Comic' for Pug Holders , The Daily Pug will continue as usual!

🦴Collabs with other projects and indenendent artists


🚀Happening Soon🚀


pack 01 pugs

The latest pugs , released by Hashpugs.

Anime pugs

The Anime themed pugs were one of the fastest collections to sell out

Avenger Pugs

The avenger pugs are inspired by superheros.



Holders get rewarded from having with a slice of the pie


curated alphas about the whole market crypto NFTs and more

Private Shop

Holder benefit from exclusive discount and sales


exclusive benefits with partners whitelist / Giveaways

Community vote

Holders can influence the project as a community


community building with event, coding session


Regular NFTs giveaways to holders

NFT Airdrops

Free NFT airdrops for holders

Expert Support

Get in touch with the team and clear your questions!


Hashpugs membership

A special membership only obtainable by holding a minimum of one pug. Grants Access to special channels on the discord server, NFT giveaways, Whitelist giveaways for various other projects and future Hashpugs collaborative projects .
More perks to be announced later!


By owning a Hashpugs you will not only get access to an amazing community, but you will also contribute to building a metaverse community and helping people around the world.

Expected to be Next week

Hedera Hasgraph Network*

Anything. Our tech is extremely smart and creative. Practice makes perfect, so users should attempt the Simulation as many times as they can.